Organizations use telephone surveys as a quantitative research method for determining what people think and how they behave. They involve calling and interviewing a representative sample of people within a geographic area or a targeted market served by an organization. Telephone surveys may consist of 50 interviews or 1,000 or more, depending on the research goals and available resources.

Telephone surveys can be a good choice for organizations who have the internal resources for a large-scale survey. Otherwise, the organization may want to consider outsourcing the telephone survey, as this research method generally involves a considerable time and resource commitment, compared with in-depth interviews and focus groups. You may conduct anywhere from 50 to 2,000 telephone interviews, depending on your research goals (up to a point, the more interviews you conduct, the more accurate the findings). You may conduct a telephone survey with one type of respondent (e.g., local educators), or with several types of respondents (e.g., local educators, local policymakers, and local after-school program operators) to obtain different perspectives on your topic.

When to outsource a telephone survey: If you have the resources to outsource your telephone survey, you should strongly consider this option. Organizing, managing, and conducting telephone surveys is a complex and time-consuming project.
When to conduct a telephone survey using internal resources: You may want to conduct telephone interviews using internal resources if you have access to a phone bank (at least 10 to 15 phone lines that can be dedicated to conducting the telephone survey); a large number of staff members or volunteers, preferably with adequate skill and training, as well as characteristics that would predispose them to being good interviewers; and the time to devote to interviewing (which can include contacting potential respondents multiple times before completing an interview)

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