Telemarketing and outbound call centres are businesses that specialize in assisting companies with telephone contact. Not all telemarketing companies are alike and not all telemarketing companies are reliable. Our 20+ years of experience in the telemarketing industry brings an exceptional level of excellence to your project. SMRT Consulting Inc can provide the telemarketing advantage your business needs. Our staff of professional telemarketers will ensure your telemarketing campaign is a success.

We understand that your business or organization needs a personalized telemarketing campaign that will deliver the results that you want to see. SMRT Consulting Inc will customize your campaign and your scripts and help you develop a well-integrated combination of telemarketing services that will deliver successful, profitable results. We have a proven track record and are pleased to share our 20+ years of experience in the telemarketing and call centre industry with our clients.
Regardless of whether a prospect is speaking with the boss or with a telemarketer working on your behalf, we understand that your company needs to present itself in a professional, intelligent manner. Our telemarketing representatives recognize that they are conducting business for you, and strive to represent your company's image, brand, products and services in a the most positive way. Our telemarketers are trained sales and customer service professionals.
Many telemarketing companies staff their call centres with poorly trained telemarketers who lack professional sales skills and the knowledge of how to connect with members of your target audience. Our telemarketers are involved in continuous training to ensure your telemarketing campaign is a success. We competitively recruit sales professionals from a wide variety of business backgrounds to work on our clients' accounts. We look for people who have warm, clear, pleasant voices. More importantly we screen candidates who can make the connection with consumers and business leaders that you would like to respond to your promotion.
Our clients, regardless of the size or position of their company in their respective industries, consistently report that partnering with SMRT Consulting Inc has proven to be an affordable and profitable choice for their organizations.
Sales and marketing professionals understand the power of outsourcing their telemarketing. Entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized business owners often fail to realize that the same services used by well-established brands and organizations are available to them regardless of their size and scope. We equalize the marketing playing field for all businesses. We aim to provide the widest array of professional telemarketing to the broadest range of clients, at the most affordable price to meet any project budget.
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